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1 a decrease in speed; "the deceleration of the arms race" [syn: deceleration, slowing] [ant: acceleration]
2 the extent to which something is delayed or held back
3 any agent that retards or delays or hinders; "flame-retardant" [syn: retardant, retardent]
4 lack of normal development of intellectual capacities [syn: mental retardation, backwardness, slowness, subnormality]
5 the act of slowing down or falling behind [syn: slowdown, lag]

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  1. The act of retarding or delaying; hindrance.
  2. The extent to which anything is retarded; the result of any retarding or delay; mental, social, or physical slowness.
  3. That which retards; an obstacle; an obstruction.


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afterthought, amentia, arrest, arrestation, arrested development, arrestment, backwardness, bind, blithering idiocy, block, blockage, blocking, bureaucratic delay, check, clogging, closing up, closure, constraint, constriction, control, cooling, cooling down, cooling off, cramp, cretinism, curb, curtailment, deceleration, delay, delayage, delayed reaction, detainment, drag, dragging, ease-off, ease-up, fixation, flagging, foot-dragging, half-wittedness, halt, hampering, hang-up, hindering, hindrance, holdback, holdup, idiocy, idiotism, imbecility, impediment, infantilism, inhibition, injunction, insanity, interdict, interference, interim, interruption, jam, lag, lagging, legal restraint, let, letdown, letup, logjam, mental defectiveness, mental deficiency, mental handicap, mental retardation, minus acceleration, mongolianism, mongolism, mongoloid idiocy, monopoly, moratorium, moronism, moronity, negativism, nuisance value, obstruction, obstructionism, occlusion, opposition, paperasserie, pause, profound idiocy, prohibition, protection, protectionism, protective tariff, rationing, red tape, red-tapeism, red-tapery, rein, repression, reprieve, resistance, respite, restraint, restraint of trade, restriction, retardance, retardment, retrenchment, self-control, setback, simple-wittedness, simplemindedness, simpleness, simplicity, slack-up, slackening, slow-up, slowdown, slowing, slowing down, slowness, slowup, squeeze, stay, stay of execution, stop, stoppage, stranglehold, stricture, subnormality, suppression, suspension, tariff wall, thought control, tie-up, time lag, wait
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